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Accurate, professional language services in Arabic, English and French.

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DITTO professional and personalized service was created as the optimal translation solution for corporate clients or individuals in the Middle East, Europe and the US. From small reports to large-scale projects, DITTO is your ideal partner to collaborate on any project.

Business and marketing, legal or medical documents and reports, technical translation – we provide comprehensive, custom language services that are tailored to fit the exact needs of your industry.


Announcing a new company or communicating a new product or service can be overwhelming enough on its own, that's why entrepreneurs and founders come to us.

We understand the power of words, and we understand the value of your brand and message. Our art is in combining them perfectly, measure for measure.

We will help you channel your voice and message to your audience and leave a lasting impression that translates into more business.


Your last step before you publish or go live!

At DITTO Translation we provide a broad range of Arabic, English and French-language editing and proofreading services for professional, commercial, legal, academic and scientific documents.

Our editors and reviewers are highly skilled pedants with the experience and expertise to analyse your document’s grammar, spelling, punctuation, references and formatting through to the point of perfection.