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English Arabic Translation Services for Lebanon

Our team of translators has been the favoured go-to solution for many Beirut-based local, regional and international companies, ministries and organizations.

From the DITTO Translation office in the city, our expert translators have helped organizations present Arabic translations and documents of the highest quality and at the fastest speed to international embassies, national ministries, governmental agencies, non-governmental agencies, international aid agencies, and senior executive leaderships, and positive feedback is the norm.

Our Arabic translation projects cover topics related to:

  • Laws and regulations

  • Humanitarian responses

  • Education

  • Human resources

  • Investment and trade

  • IT and technology

English to Arabic Translation Services for the UAE

DITTO has been the preferred English Arabic translation company for top global organizations and consulting firms set up in Dubai for the past ten years.

Our team of expert translators has helped organizations present our Arabic translations and documents in unprecedented quality and at the fastest speed possible to UAE ministries, governmental agencies and senior executive leaderships.

Our Arabic translation is showcased in presentations delivered onscreen in official meetings held with top leaders, and positive feedback has been the norm.

Arabic translation topics we cover include:

  • Laws and regulations

  • Commercial and technical proposals

  • Human resources

  • Healthcare

  • Performance excellence programs

  • Strategy development

  • Innovation

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Employment

  • Service delivery optimization

  • Investment and trade

  • Infrastructure

  • Strategic objectives

  • Governance

  • IT and technology

  • RFPs

Arabic Translation for the KSA

DITTO is the right partner to entities in the KSA thanks to our deep expertise and understanding of the Saudi context.

We have successfully translated more than 570 large scale projects for Saudi entities from Arabic into English and from English into Arabic since 2008. Our Arabic translation projects cover topics related to:

  • KSA Vision 2030

  • National Transformation Project

  • Strategy and operations

  • Education

  • Human capital

  • Employment and placement

  • Healthcare

  • Culture, entertainment and recreation

  • Sports

  • Tech, Media and Telecom

  • Energy